Help Claire Impress Virgin Boss!

Vote for Percys Vodka Iced tea in the #PitchtoRich Campaign! #VOOM
Vote for Percys Vodka Iced tea in the #PitchtoRich Campaign! #VOOM

My best friend Claire has been working on a drink concept for the last 10 years…whilst holding down a full time job and living at homer helping her Dad care for her mother.

I can’t tell you how hard this girl has worked…and dear god, if anyone needs a break it’s Claire.

Claire has an opportunity to pitch in front of Richard Brandon via the #PitchtoRich campaign. She doesn’t have a fancy marketing budget like a lot of the other businesses  – but she has a GREAT product, a FANTASTIC concept and an AMAZING personality to make Percy’s Vodka Iced Tea a success!

What she needs more than anything is someone with the right business acumen and a cash injection to get all the foundations in order…in readiness for that big break that has been waiting in the shadows for far too long…

Last year Claire succeeded in getting Percy’s on Not on the High Street – which in itself has been and continues to be a great success (do check it out!).

So – if you are here, reading this then please can I ask you to take 2 minutes of your time to vote for Claire to #PitchtoRich – you can do it right here: (Please note: you must verify your email address for the vote to be accepted)

About Percy’s

normal_percy-s-white-tea-pear-and-raspberryPercy’s vodka iced teas are full of unique character. The flavoursome blend of finest leaf, fresh fruit and premium English vodka produces the drink with ‘Percynalitea’ .

Lovingly hand-filled, capped and labelled, only 500 -1000 bottles of Percy’s are squeezed per production run.

Percy’s prides itself on being a distinctive drink that epitomises the ethos of the 1920s; an era associated with elegance and class. A quintessentially British drink with a twist.

Bring an air of sophistication to any occasion. Serve chilled straight from the bottle or poured over crushed ice.

Tea will never be the same again…


Thank you in advance for those that place some faith in my dearest friend! 🙂

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